The Flowers of Ronaldo Maia

Ronaldo Maia Flowers
1143 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10128

Flowers by Ronaldo MaiaFrom the time he opened his New York flower shop the press has recognized Ronaldo Maia as a remarkable talent.

The Brazilian-born artist's fresh and unusual approach to the arrangement and display of flowers led the New York Times to call him " The most innovative of the super flower designers".

A master of the bespoke bouquet, he can produce period arrangements and spectacular settings for weddings and parties when called for.

His one-of-a-kind Christmas tabletop trees are legendary. Yet many of his creations—a single flower held like a jewel in a ruff of galax leaves or a flat of narcissus fenced with raffia-tied bamboo—have been so universally copied that it is hard to remember how revolutionary their simplicity seemed when he first showed them.

Maia has been generous in sharing his knowledge and his philosophy in lectures at botanical gardens, garden symposiums and art museums from Minneapolis to Caracas and New York to San Diego. And in two best-selling books, Decorating with Flowers and More Decorating with Flowers, published by Harry N. Abrams.

His shop is a treasure house of delight for the home and the table, the eye and the spirit. In addition to the exquisite flowers and the beautiful bouquets always in the process of assembly, you find a multitude of hard-to-resist objects. With a sure eye joined to a vivid and playful imagination he has searched out, commissioned or created a variety of unusual containers and decorative pieces. At Ronaldo Maia Flowers you can count on imaginative designs and sensitive service.

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